Tips For New ATV Riders

Hopping onto your first ATV and taking off down the trail can give you quite a rush. But don't put yourself into a dangerous situation by acting reckless or irresponsible with the ATV. Proper form and technique are required if you want to ride your ATV without issues. Before you go out looking for a new Can-Am for sale, read over the following tips so that you are prepared for your first ride on an ATV.

You Need to Buy More Than Just the Vehicle 

Any good ATV dealer is going to offer you plenty of accessories to go with your new vehicle. In most cases, these accessories are pretty much necessary for a safe experience out on the trail. Make sure you get a pair of goggles, a helmet, boots that have a bit of traction, and gloves that can allow a good bit of grip. This protective gear doesn't just make you look cool; it will go a long way towards keeping you safe when you go off-road.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you ever learned to drive stick on an automobile, did you just go right out on the highway with it or did you take your time learning to accelerate and decelerate on some side streets first? Hopefully, you chose option two, because the same logic applies with your new ATV. You need to practice shifting and using the clutch on a flat, even surface without any other traffic nearby. Don't head down to a bumpy trail or drive in a crowd with other ATV owners until you are sure you know how to operate your vehicle safely.

Learning to Stop Is More Important Than Popping a Trick

Just about every rookie ATV owner dreams of the day that they can pop their first wheelie with their vehicle. But hopefully, you are smart enough to know that this is a long-term goal and not something you should try on your first day. If you want to try and learn a specific skill on day one, focus on learning how to stop quickly if you need to. 

ATV brakes can take some getting used to, and you don't want to end up going down a steep hill and then misjudging how much you need to slow down before you hit the next bend. Once you learn how to use the shift and clutch properly, your next trick should be to learn what you need to do to come to a sudden stop safely.

If you feel you are all ready for your first Can-Am or another ATV, reach out to a local dealer today.