3 Questions To Help You Choose The Best Motorcycle Mechanic For Your Bike

Have you recently purchased your first motorcycle? Have you only now realized that you have no idea what to do if you need someone to something should go wrong with it? A motorcycle is just like any other vehicle and will need repairs from time to time. In order to make sure that you're off the road as little as possible, it's a good idea to locate a good repair shop before anything ever goes wrong. Here are some questions to ask that will help you to decide whether or not to take your motorcycle to that mechanic in the future:

What kind of repairs do you do? The best mechanic is going to be one that only works on motorcycle repair and similar small vehicles. Scooters or mopeds are similar enough to motorcycles that it's okay if the motorcycle repair shop also works on them. However, you may want to avoid a shop that works on both motorcycles and regular cars. If they do that, that's a good sign that they probably get more cars in for repair then they do motorcycles. This can translate to a lack of experience with working on motorcycles. It also means that they're less likely to have the correct parts on hand which means that it could take significantly longer for yours to be repaired and returned to you.

Do you ride a motorcycle regularly? The best mechanics are going to be ones who really care about what they're doing. While mechanics who drive a car can certainly care about the job that they do, mechanics who mainly ride their own motorcycles can take it to a whole new level. A mechanic who uses motorcycles for transportation on a regular basis is going to be more likely to notice secondary issues that might have escaped your notice because you're not a mechanic.

Do you offer any sort of finance or repayment plan? When you're in need of a motorcycle repair, you may not have all of the money necessary to pay the mechanic right away. Some mechanics will want payment in full as soon as you pick your motorcycle up. Doing this may require you to borrow from family and friends or to put the repair on a potentially costly credit card. Other mechanics offer their own finance plan and will allow you to make payments on a regular basis so long as you are able to make a down payment of a certain percentage when you pick your motorcycle up.